History of Bandung Cardiology Update

26 Sep 2020, 13:02 Dandi Gumilar Dibaca : 963

The worldwide mortality rate due to cardiovascular diseases have been increasing every year and we are facing a great burden caused by these cardiovascular disease events. We need to transform cardiovascular care, update knowledge and skills, and improve cardiovascular health issues through education, research, quality care and health policy in order to reduce the incidence, severity and complications of cardiovascular disease.

We are proud to announced one of the best scientific meeting in cardiovascular field, Bandung Cardiology update (BCU), which is held by Perhimpunan Kardiovaskular Indonesia (PERKI) Bandung in collaboration with departement of cardiovascular medicine University of Padjajaran Bandung. The first Bandung Cardiology Update was started in 2007 and was placed in Hyatt Regency hotel Bandung City. This event is a routine cardiovascular scientific meeting which is held for every 2 years. The 2nd until the 5th Bandung Cardiology update was in 2009 , 2011, 2013, 2015 and now we have been reached the 6th event in 2017 and will be placed in Arya Duta Hotel Bandung CIty. The idea of forming Bandung Cardiology Update was to advance our knowledge in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases and disseminates evidence-based scientific knowledge to cardiovascular professionals so we can do a better care for our patients.

Bandung cardiology update was designed to fulfill the expectation of a professional healthcare especially who interested in cardiovascular field  and to empower them in order to enchance and improve the management and treatment of cardiovascular diseases due to the challenges faced by health professionals related to the new development of cardiovascular medicine issues with various new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Bandung Cardioloy Update has facilitated a three full days scientific program of most applicable issues through a wide range of interesting scientific sessions, educational workshops, poster presntations, exhibitions, and cutting edge lectures by experts and specialists including interactive debates and discussion. The scope of the scientific program is comprehensive and will cover cardiovascular topics such as cardiovascular prevention, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, and heart rhythm disorders.

This event will also offer a great opportunity for healthcare professionals to develop a very important network to discuss and exchange ideas, thoughts, education and knowledge with colleagues in order to recognizing the differences in exposure to focus on providing various cardiovascular health problems that is relevant to your daily clinical practice.

Last but not least, we are looking forward for your presence and participation to join us in Bandung Cardiology Update for a better future of cardiovascular health.