Welcome To Bandung Cardiology Update 2022

06 Apr 2022, 21:45 Dandi Gumilar Dibaca : 1,799

Dear friends and colleagues,

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a long challenge for us. Our communication has been limited by social distancing, crowd avoidance, and less mobility. However, it is not an obstacle for us to deliver you updated knowledge in cardiovascular diseases. On behalf of the Indonesian Heart Association Organizing Committee – Bandung Chapter, in collaboration with The Department of Cardiology and Vascular Medicine, Padjadjaran University, we are delighted to invite you to attend our virtual Bandung Cardiovascular Update (BCU) 2022, which will be held on June 30th – July 3rd 2022.

Under the theme of “Call to Action, From Theory to Practice about Cardiovascular Issues”, this congress will provide you an excellent opportunity to advance the knowledge, expertise, and skill for all health care professionals, most importantly during this pandemic, who involve in cardiovascular care and comorbidities. We will be featuring innovative and diverse educational opportunities with multidisciplinary approach to provide an up-to-date overview about diagnosis and management of complex cardiovascular cases.

This congress will incorporate symposiums and workshops. The symposiums will consist of plenary sessions, which are collaborating with world-heart failure experts and will present current guidelines.

There will be a new session, “bring interactive case", that has never been presented in any symposium before, where a real case from the audience will be discussed and solved by the consultants.

Some of the workshops will be held off-line to enhance the quality of the knowledge-transfer, that has buried in the last two-years due to virtual-only sessions throughout the pandemic.

We are excited to invite all young researchers to submit papers for oral and poster presentations.

This congress brings together cardiovascular toughest leaders to deliver you highest quality education. We look forward to welcoming you to join us in BCU 2022, an exceptional scientific experience packed with fun edutainments. Bandung Euy!